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Carmen Electra Strip Poker $50,000 Invitational 1/6

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Poker VideoThe team at Aces and Eights Entertainment, Inc. searched throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to find our lovely contestants. Each contestant brings to the table confidence, beauty, knowledge of the game and the willingness to go “all-in” with $50,000 on the line.

Your Host for Strip Poker International Carmen Electra
Join your hostess, the beautiful and talented Carmen Electra, along with six beautiful women in the first installment of The Strip Poker Invitational.

Watch as six beautiful women play a no limit version of America's new favorite pastime, Texas Hold 'em (or as we like to say, Texas Strip 'em!)
Strip Poker InternationalThe game is real, the money is real and the outcome is unscripted. You will be able to follow what cards each contestant has throughout the tournament, as the production captures the true essence of Texas Hold 'em competition, played by beautiful women from Southern California.

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